Bye Bye Birdie

It’s been almost a year since my last blog, mostly because Seabird has been sitting at Old Port Cove in Florida waiting to be sold. Boats like ours are meant to be cruised and provide countless adventures for its owners. Seabird has done all of that and more over the 15 years that we have owned her.  

On May 31, we passed the ownership papers to her new owner. Both Carol and I had mixed emotions about it. We were sad to see her go, but happy to see the excitement in the eyes of the new owners. We recall that feeling 15 years and 60,000 miles ago, like it was yesterday. 

Interestingly enough, the most memorable things about our cruising were not fighting the giant waves in the Bering Sea or anchoring in exotic places. Most memorable were the people we met along the way. When you stay in a location for months at a time, you begin to blend with the culture. People start to accept you and you become friends. We loved that part, whether it was Central America, Alaska, Japan, Southeast Asia or the Med. We made many friends who will remain our friends for the rest of our lives. 

Thanks also to the the readers of this blog. There have been, on average, over 5000 views on each blog entry! Most of you I will never meet, but every once in a while someone would knock on the boat and introduce them self, saying they have been reading this blog for years. A few even told me that it inspired them to take the plunge and go cruising. 

My most, most, MOST fond memories over the 10 years of our Journey were of our cruising buddies, and close friends, Braun and Tina Jones on Grey Pearl (and Ocean Pearl) and Ken and Roberta Williams on Sans Souci. I am not sure we could have done this without them. On this blog, you have read probably HALF the stories.  Only A handful of my closest friends have heard the rest! 

So what now? Soon after we closed on the Nordhavn, we closed on our new boat, a 37 foot Downeast style boat named, of course, Seabird! It’s a bit of a change for us, weighing in at 22000 lbs vs 140,000 for the Nordhavn. BUT, it’s easy to wash, fast, can scare the hell out of unwanted guests in as little as a 3 foot chop!

So, anyway, this is farewell.  Thank you all so much for your willingness to share our journey....

Steven and Carol
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