Grey Pearl departure from Seattle

Braun and Tina Jones on Grey Pearl left Sunday morning for British Columbia, leaving only Seabird to hold down the fort. They had BIG smiles on their faces as well they should have!! It was a picture perfect day with forecasts for calm seas and sunny skies (a RARITY in Seattle).

We are making great progress on Seabird for our scheduled departure on April 30th. My sister and brother-in-law will be traveling with us up to Ketchikan, Alaska, a trip which should last about 10-12 days depending on weather. I would show some pictures of Seabird here but right now the inside of the boat is a disaster area with cardboard all over the floors for protection from work being done. We just sold our smaller dinghy and motor. It was a 10′ Caribe RIB with a 15 HP outboard. We have a larger dinghy (14′ with a 50hp) and the smaller one just was not very useful. Most of the time we use the big one and the only time we need the smaller one is when we need to beach it. The problem is that the smaller one was just as much work to put in the water as the larger one because it weighs too much for Carol and I to lift and beaching it is the same problem. We needed to add these large retractable wheels to be able to bring it up on to the beach. We are purchasing a new one that weighs 75 lbs and has a 2hp motor that weights 27 lbs. We can simply toss it over the side and quickly attach the motor. We don’t need to start the hydraulic davit (crane) to put it in. I will let you know how it works out.

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  1. Is your AIS on, cannot find you anywhere on live ships.
    Do you have a projected itinery.
    Have a great trip, can’t wait for more from you and Ken

  2. Mike:

    We are still at the dock at Salmon Bay Marine Center in Seattle so we do not have the AIS on currently.

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