Grey Pearl

I have not written a blog entry since we left Singapore.  It was a great trip from there to our winter marina here in Phuket, Thailand, but all of the memories of the fun we had during that trip were erased in a moment with a horrible tragedy.

On Tuesday, December 6th, our good friends and cruising companions for the last three years, lost their boat, Grey Pearl, to a fire at our marina in Phuket, Thailand.  Fortunately, Braun and Tina were not aboard when it happened.  By the time Carol and I arrived at the marina, it was a total loss.

“The Pearl” was more than a boat to Braun and Tina.  It was their home, a member of their family and their pride and joy.  She took them across two oceans and two continents with safety and grace, from the US to the Mediterranean, through the Panama Canal to Alaska, Russia, Japan and Asia. 

It will be hard when we are cruising to look out our pilothouse windows and not see the Pearl.

We have lost our sister ship, but not our good friends.  I know that we will cruise together again.

Steven and Carol

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  1. We were very sorry to hear about the fire on Grey Pearl. While we did not know Tina and Braun we feel that we did because we had the opportunity to follow your cruise via your blogs. We wish Tina and Braun well and hope they will be back at sea with you and Carol soon.

  2. This sureley seems macabre but am I the only one dying to see some pictures? So very sorry for your loss and I hope enough time has passed that this does not infuriate or irritate you in any way. John D.

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