GSSR 2 – Departure from Ashiya

GSSR 2 Underway!

This is just a very short blog entry to let everyone know that we have now left our winter port of Ashiya and have begun the journey that will lead us to Hong Kong. 

This is a relatively tiny journey compared to last season’s odyssey that took us from Seattle, Washington, up to Alaska, out to the furthermost of the Aleutian Islands, to Kamchatka, Siberia and on to Japan.  This years trip will be at a more leisurely pace and with much warmer weather.  We are currently located in Takamatsu, which is a fairly large port about 75 miles to the west of Ashiya.  It was kind of an interesting and complex trip, as it turned out and not without some unwelcome danger along the way.  I will get into that in a few days in my regular blog entry.

In the meantime, our “Live Tracking” feature on the home page is fully operational again, so if you are inclined to see where we are at any given moment, simply click on it and follow the instructions on the page. 

Until my next entry….


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  1. Steve and your wife hope you will keep as warm as you can ,You can be as happy as possible. Hope the Engine will not dissapoint


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