Lines are cast – The adventure begins!!!

After somewhat of a rocky start this morning (our autopilot steering was not working), we are through the locks and cruising in Puget sound. The autopilot was a strange problem. It turned out to be a toggle switch in the very aft part of the engine room where no one ever goes. I really didnt even think of looking there because the switch is always on. Anyway, mystery solved and everything seems to be running fine.

Our destination today is Roche Harbor.

Our Spot tracker is now LIVE so you can go to the main page, click the Our Location button and follow the instructions on the page.

More later

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  1. On your way up the coast here have you considered coming into Secret Cove inshore from the bottom of Texada Island.

  2. Mike-

    We stopped there last year on the way up. It was a great stop. We are kind of on a beeline to get caught up with our friends.

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