Once again it has been sometime since the last update but this time I do have a good excuse. We have been “on vacation” for the past two months. When we were working we were always jealous of others when they could travel to some great destination on a moments notice…..I am happy to report that it is now our turn. Upon our return to Panama from San Andres we ran into friends at Shelter Bay that were leaving for a three week trip to Peru the following week. A few hectic days on the internet was all the time we needed and off we went to Peru. Our friends Jim and Michelle on Wind Machine and Rico and Jackson on Apparition had planned this trip for quite a while and the itinerary and hotels had already been selected and all we needed was reservations. We traveled what is known as the Gringo Trail and had the trip of a lifetime. It is impossible to do this trip justice in a short log. The highlight was the ancient intact Inca village of Machu Picchu and our hike up Huayna Picchu but the whole country is beautiful and each day was an adventure. The people were wonderful and so welcoming and proud to have Americans visiting their country, a sentiment we did not experience in most of the Caribbean. Our trip started in Lima and ended in Machu Picchu and some of the highlights were: the Colca Canyon where we reached an altitude of 15,000 ft and saw the revered Condors soaring through the valley; horseback riding through the Saqsaywaman ruins in Cusco; white river rafting through the Rio Urubamba: a cruise to the floating islands in lake Titicaca and the countless museums, markets and ruins we visited. Take a look at the picture gallery for some great photos. Our group of 8 and sometimes 10 were all cruisers and shared the same sense of adventure. We enjoyed each others company and shared lots of laughs and created some fabulous memories along the way. We all survived the altitude as well as the infamous Peru Cuisine with the help of Cipro!!

We were back on the boat long enough to wash it and do our laundry before heading to the U.S. for a month to visit family in California and Florida. We did take a road trip from San Francisco to Newport Beach with side trips to Yosemite, Hearst Castle and the Reagan Library. It took a few days to get over the culture shock after our travels in Peru and Central America. There is truly no place like home when it comes to luxury, comfort, restaurants and SHOPPING. We managed to fill 4 large suitcases that each weighed 70lbs as well as 3 carry on bags with goodies from the US. Most of the “goodies” are boat parts, gizmos for Steven, cleaning supplies and reading material.

I am writing this on the plane heading back to Panama. Once we arrive we will firm up our schedule for a haul out for bottom paint and our transit through the Panama Canal. The weather will be wet and hot but it will be great to be cruising once again.

Adios Amigos

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