Trip Preparations in Florida


I expected to be relating our adventures from the Chesapeake Bay but as cruising goes that is not what we did for the past month. Once back from our mini vacation we started making lists after lists of things to be done prior to our departure for the Virgin Islands. Work won over pleasure and we are finally getting closer to departure from St. Augustine.

It has been interesting living aboard and having a constant flow of workers on the boat. We had all the Head Hoses on the boat replaced due to permeation. We have 4 heads on board and needed 100 ft of “stinky” hose replaced and hopefully that is a once in a life time event!!

Steven and I got adventurous and replaced about 40 ceiling spot lights with bright modern fixtures that required lots of cutting and wiring. The results were great and we are still speaking and even considering replacing 40 more!!!

A haul out was required for the balance of the work which meant we moved to shore for four nights. The list seemed endless but it has now been completed and the folks at St. Augustine Marine were terrific. They stayed with the project and were helpful in pointing things out that needed attention. They allowed us to participate in a lot of the work so it was also a good learning experience.

We have a few more projects and then we will head North. The plan is to be in North Carolina by October 15th and depart for Puerto Rico on November 1st. We have 3 friends that have signed on as crew and will join us for the 6 day passage.

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